Lips Lips Lips!

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Good for kissing, good for sucking, good for painting up.  Lips can easily be the part that makes that perfect bimbo look or can break the whole look if you haven’t painted, glossed and plumped them properly.  The proper lips can be even more important than tits as the boys can stare only so long at tits right?

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5 Responses

  1. Magicly_Dlicious

    That is one amazing gallery of ‘cocksucking lips’ … forget kissing, they are good for painting up, glossing up, and sucking

    I’d love to have any of those girls looks.

  2. darksecret23

    Has anyone seen the Russian girls with the enhance lips?? They are fucking amazing!! #9 and #10 are my favourites here. #9 is a nice looking bimbo slut

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