Hair Color – Is It Really Important?

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So, I have been going through my bimbo training for 10 months now, and I was wrists deep into dying my hair this afternoon when I finally stared at myself in the mirror with a cocked head and said – does hair color really matter when it comes to identifying a bimbo? If so, what color(s) make a bimbo recognizable?

There are many different kinds and breeds of bimbos… punk bimbos, alternative bimbos, hipster bimbos, 50’s bimbos, Barbie bimbos… and everything else you can imagine. But everyone wants the perfect hair – that’s universal. Doing some research for this post, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the color of the hair (as it ranged from beautiful natural colors of blondes and reds and brunettes and blacks to WILD neon and everything else), but the fact that it is DYED.

Gianna Patton

The common factor for bimbo hair seems to be that it must not be your natural shade – that you are clearly putting in an effort to look a little faker. Even girls with beautiful blonde hair that want to be Barbie will still put high and low lights in their hair so that it is multi-dimensional just like a good fake head of doll hair. Even girls with the wildest hair colors can be identified for what they are (like below).

Colorful (2)

So of course, every bimbo out there is like… DUH! I looove my dyed hair! ;D Which, of course you do! As I came to this conclusion while I was checking out my freshly washed and dried hair (freshly blow dried, with my brand new blow dryer, woo!), I was staring at the blaringly bright red I picked out and just thought to myself… this is information I have to share!

I’m currently going through a phase where I am *rocking* a more natural look on top with the underside being a wild color (like below), but I know there are lots of bimbos out there that are much more traditional with their hair colors!

I’d say, as long as you love the look – rock it, just make sure it’s dyed to perfection! Because all things in fashion go through trends, even with the sub culture of the bimbos! While I think neon and bright colors are very popular right now with the Barbies, and always with the punk bimbos… you can always dye it back!

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