2014 Bimbo Cup – Flirty Four, Matchup I

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2014 Bimbo Cup

Flirty Four, Matchup I


So here we are, at the final few votes of the Bimbo Cup, and we’re looking at the most important votes of the Cup. These Flirty Four matchups will determine who moves on to the Bimbo Cup Final. We’ve now sorted through to get the best of the best, so let’s see how these girls do. It’s an all Canadian Flirty Four, so let’s give these ladies from the great white north all of our support! It’s an achievement just to be here, because it means our bimbo community thinks that highly of them. Remember folks, it’s your vote that decides, so don’t be shy.


In our first Flirty Four matchup, we’ve got Amy Anderssen, the made-over brunette that has seemed to come into her own after changing her name from Jayna James and Amy Azzura to this new moniker. She’ll be taking on French Canadian fetish model Marie Claude Bourbonnais, who proves that you don’t need long hair to be a bimbo. She’s won a few matchups by only a few votes, so let’s see which of these girls are able to win over your hearts!


2014 Bimbo Cup - Flirty Four

  • Amy Anderssen (55%, 136 Votes)
  • Marie Claude Bourbonnais (45%, 113 Votes)

Total Voters: 249

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Voting ends July 28 at 11:59pm US Eastern Time.

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