It is simple to find the chat now, just click here:

If it is your very first time on Discord, you will need to make a basic account with an email address, once that is done you will be able to get to the chat via a mobile app, desktop app or browser with your account.

Intro to Discord Discord works on the principle of “servers” (really more like communities of sorts). The community has owners (moderators) and members. To join a server you get a link from a member or other location.

The Bimbo Boutique is a server, represented as an icon on the left. You may join other servers for other topics. You can also PM other people, and the PMs occur outside the servers. Note that your user name and profile photo is the same across servers ! You can use the /nick command on one server to create an alias there but your real username will also appear. Your nick will not appear on other servers however. Also, you cannot see what other servers someone are part of if you yourself are not member of these servers.

To format your text or accomplish other neat things, please check this article:

Please consider creating an account on Discord (free). That makes it easier to find us again if you have to reinstall the software. When you join you will see a number of channels (“rooms”) on the left. You can set notifications and alerts per channel or the entire server depending on your preferences. To set alerts, click on “Bimbo Boutique” in the upper left and then Notifications.

The Tatsumaki bot is also around and is an optional offering. It provides you “points” for interacting, which translates into “levels”. Please keep interactions with the bot in #ooc-chat only, to minimize noise in the other rooms. Read more and login using your discord account if you are interested here:дать рекламу в интернете

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