Bimbo Boutique is a place for people to chat and roleplay about transformation fetishes, mainly dealing with bimbo transformations. We are not a BDSM channel at heart.  We are not a Hypno channel.  We are a pro-kinky female channel.  A safe place for women and those who love bimbos to explore bimbo fantasies.  It is hosted on the IRC network. You can find instructions below to help with getting onto the Boutique. Looking for how to connect?  Over here.


:one: You must of legal age to be in the room. You have to be most likely at least 18 or 21 to be here. It really depends on where you are from. If you don’t know if you are legal aged, then it would be best to ask and we will try to help. But if you are not of legal age, you will be asked to leave, and if need be, banned from the room.

:two: We are here to roleplay our fantasies. This is first and foremost a roleplay server. It caters to other things as well, but roleplay is the primary focus. The changes and transformations are usually the fantasy, not cybersex. Sometime a cyber is worked into the play but it is not a requirement. We do not get off on the normal things around here.

:three: Be respectful. Understand that not everyone will enjoy your certain kinks. Also, respect that if others are playing do not force yourself into the play, ask permission first. Roleplaying or scening in the #lounge is encouraged, but remember that if your scene is taking up the whole room, maybe you should consider moving to one of the roleplay rooms or taking it to private. The #lounge is considered a place for all sorts of chit-chat and silly play and to meet and greet others on the server. Keep posts appropriate to the channel that you are in. General chit-chat goes in the #lounge. Memes, bot commands, and other pictures or media go in #ooc-chat. Bimbo related art, pictures, or other media go in the #gallery. Etc. Do not post the same pictures or media repeatedly and do not flood any channel with them. Currently there is no timer set to how often you can post an image in the #gallery, but one may be instituted if people abuse the privelege and it becomes impossible to keep up.

:four: Roles Users may be tagged with various roles to express what their interests are as well as to grant access to specific rooms. For a complete list of self-assignable roles, please type ?ranks in the #role-request channel. Some roles are vanity roles and are given out to longtime members of the chat with special priveleges, or to indicate they are part of a specific roleplay group. These are not self-assignable and include Juggs and Honeypot. Please see a member of those groups if you wish to know more. If you would like new roles to be self-assignable please ask @🐝DaisyHoneypot

:five: Do not abuse the trust of others. Ask for consent before engaging roleplay or sending anything to other members of chat. Nobody wants a SURPRISE PENIS on their screen. Act as if you’re an adult that can treat others responsibly. If you are being abusive without permission to anyone in the room, you will be kicked and banned. If you are roleplaying with someone that desires the abusive yet consensual play, take it to a more appropriate place. #the-lair is specifically made for those into the BDSM lifestyle and caters more to that sort of play. If it’s something that may make even people there uncomfortable, private play is your best bet.

:six: Overly lewd and/or shitty usernames are not allowed We can and will change the nicknames of anybody we feel is out of line with this. If you persist in being a dickwad with your name choice you’ll be banned from the server. These names can include things that are racist, homophobic, transphobic, or anything else that seems abusive to others in the room.

:seven: Do not reveal someone’s character and/or typist. Many around here may have one or few screennames. As example, some girls like to have a normal character and a bimbo one on the side. If you know someone’s other side do not tell anyone else, unless if it has clearly been roleplayed in the main channel. Breaking this rule will lead to a banning. I do not care about excuses to this rule. I doubt if I will even ask many questions.

:eight: Is this place female domimant? This is somewhat true. This place was started by a group of women that enjoy both sides of the bimbo transformation fetish. Since most of the bimbo transformation scene is filled with male Doms and female subs, we wanted a place where we didn’t need to be the subs all the time. So if you are a male Dom type that cannot handle the idea of a woman standing next to you as an equal, please do not come. Also if you are the type that thinks a woman should just give in easily in a transformation all the time, please do not come.

:nine: All people are welcome. We are here to support whoever we can in their fetish. Straight, Bi, Gay. Cis, Trans. Male, Female, Other. But people are free to have their own choice of who they play with. Some people will not like some forms. That is ok. Some people are going to choose who they are willing play with. That is ok. Everyone has the right to their own sexuality and sexual choices including partners. They can say no for any and all reasons. What we expect is a level of respect. If someone isn’t your choice of partner, be kind and simply say no thank you and everyone move on. If you cannot show that level of respect and just move on for any reason, you will be removed from the server. You have the freedom to say no but you don’t have the freedom to be an asshole here.

Room Descriptions

:rofl: #lounge – The main channel of the Boutique. This is where all general chit-chat, casual roleplay, meeting and greeting go. You should probably be talking in this channel most of the time.

:robot: #ooc-chat – The place for bot commands, memes, sharing links, videos, and images unrelated to the bimbo fetish. Also a great place to chat about more in depth topics that may clutter up the lounge.

:video_game: #arcade – Talk about video games and other nerdy things. Topics may include comics, movies, television shows, tech stuff.

:Bra: #gallery – Pictures of bimbos and bimbospirational pictures. We’re looking for more R-rated stuff in here. Nudity is cool, maybe some light touching, no full on sex and nothing with a cock in it or more related to fetish material like latex.

:couple: #the-salon – For talk about real life bimbo transformation. You want to be a bimbo in reality or have someone help you become one? This is the place to be.

:tropical_drink: #bar – Walk up to the bar and get a drink. This is a great place to get a more involved roleplay started.

:game_die: #betyourbimbo – A place to play games of chance with transformations on the line. Dice poker is a current favorite. Hopefully more games to come

:dancer: #club-silicone-valley – The late night dance club of the Boutique. Put on your favorite song and dance the night away, or climb onto a stripper pole and let everyone know what you’ve got. Another fun place to get the roleplay started.

:dress: #guystodolls – The place for those transgender transformations. Are you male and want to join the bimbo lifestyle? We can take care of that.

:zzz: #braindrain-hypno – All things related to hypnostism. Want to roleplay being hypnotized, be hypnotized, or hypnotize someone? Here you go.

:kiss: #the-barn – The best place for a roll in the hay. If you’re looking for a nice messy sex scene, this is the place you want to take it.

:melon: #the-farm – Home to the Juggs. This melon farm was founded so that the Juggs would have ample space to play without their breasts taking up the entire room.

:bee: #the-honeycomb – Home to the Honeypots. The Boutique’s newest group of bimbos favor a garden where they can sleep in specially designed honeycomb hexes.

:microscope: #the-labs – The place for scientific experiments. The number of plot devices created down in the labs are astounding. The first Juggs and the first Honeypot were both created through work in our labs.

:high_heel: #the-lair – BDSM fetish fans only. This is your place if you want to engage in a little Master/slave play or share more sexually explicity images. :alien: #the-portal – Strange transformations and adventures can be had here. Want to be transformed into nothing but a set of breasts or visit another plane of existence? Come here for your play

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